Why so many rich, fulfilled, successful, famous people are not really happy

A mystery of the world is when a man who is at the top, who’s had it all – riches, fame, power, success, fulfilment – say they aren’t really happy. Some of them commit suicide, some of them take drugs to forget their “emptiness”, some of them keep on hopping from relationship to relationship just to fill that “empty” feeling.

Why do rich people still feel empty?

Why do rich people still feel empty?

I wrote an article about “Getting there” looking at the example of king Solomon. He had it all but still he says that it’s all a chasing after the wind. He says that it is all “senseless” and “worthless” and “unfair”. Imagine that – what a paradox coming from the most powerful man during his time.

Why? What is the source of this “emptiness” what is the origin of this “empty” feeling?

Romans 3:23

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

We have “fallen short” of His glory because of our sins. Because of this, our fulfilment will always “fall short” of what we want it to be. The little empty feeling that we “feel” but we don’t understand so therefore we cannot fulfil, is an emptiness created by our “falling short” of His glory.

We somehow missed the mark and strayed away from what is right and that created a void in ourselves that we try to fill with so many things the world promises can fill it. Don’t you ever wonder why advertising is so powerful? Because it caters to THAT EXACT VOID THAT YOU FEEL IN YOURSELF!

It tells you that you will find fulfilment, complete happiness, that’s why you have to buy their product. To some extent, it can provide that sense of fulfilment and happiness, but it will soon run because these things are temporary and will pass away. The void in us is something that only God, our maker, designer and purpose-giver, who is eternal can fulfill.

How can God fulfil that void?

Imagine a watch, having its own feeling and its own sense of reason and logic and free will. How will it give full glory to its maker? By letting the maker use it completely to its purpose through its own will. The watch can only find complete and true happiness when it is functioning exactly as it was designed to be otherwise, if it chooses to be a hammer then it will break itself, if it chooses to be a Frisbee then it will shatter at some point, if it chooses to be a paper-weight then it will render itself useless – MAKING ITSELF UNHAPPY, UNFULFILLED and making it’s maker DISAPPOINTED. FALLING SHORT OF THE MAKER’S GLORY.

Think about it.

Fulfilment can only come from being the best you can be, right? And what does the Bible say about our purpose? To give God glory. I pray that giving Him glory in everything you do will be your goal in each and every thing you do – big or small even if you think it doesn’t matter, it does. Believe me, “Getting there” Is all about giving God glory because He in return will be the one to glorify you as He pleases – and that is eternal.


  1. Charles says

    You did it again. Reminded me of what should my goal be— what should be the first that I should do. I forgot how it feels light everytime, talking to Him (knowing that there is a HIM, having faith, and leaving skeptic thoughts behind).

    I always end up spending when I feel depressed, agitated by something— it fills me at the moment but, yeah, after sometime, it’s still there.

    How can you remove ‘doubt’, how can I really ‘believe’? Questions.

  2. h3sean says

    Hey Charles! We should get to meet ang hang out sometime talaga. Haha! Pag tapos na thesis namin and OJT, let’s eat out sometime kasama sila Mon. About your question, sige I’ll make an entry about it =D I appreciate the question =)

  3. h3sean says

    Yeah you do =) it just needs a bit of clarification. You’re saying the bits and pieces on things we can do in order for us to give God glory such as feeding the poor and giving to others – doing this is already a way of giving God glory because He commanded us to do so.

    Although, I should say that the world is not balanced nor fair. It is quite unfair in some situations but God is sovereign over everything – more reason we should hold on to Him. The wisest man (Solomon) have seen so many unfair things in this world. Our world is an unfair one.

    Even the good things we want to do, if not directed towards a desire for God’s glory, will not be able to fulfill us for a lifetime. It will wear us down and the emptiness will creep in. Only giving glory to our maker will be the one to forever fill our hearts.

    Zac, if you click the post button, click it once lang. Sometimes your comments spam and I have to delete them =) thanks man

  4. zac says

    Even the good things we want to do, if not directed towards a desire for God’s glory, will not be able to fulfill us for a lifetime. It will wear us down and the emptiness will creep in. Only giving glory to our maker will be the one to forever fill our hearts.

    i like this one nice:D

  5. h3sean says

    =D yeah Because the things we do are temporary but the God we give glory to is eternal =D glad it makes sense to you Zac!

  6. Charles says

    (Zac) He did mention some points you pointed out in your special entry for my question— being self center— “it’s all about me”

  7. daniel butierez says

    Most people don't know what they want and those that do have put their wants beyond their reach. Most men will never find fulfilment. It takes either a tremendous amount of money or an incredible act of faith to reach this point. Most Christians beleave they are Christians yet they are not kings so how could they be Christians. A king does not want or worry. From the day we were born we have wanted never becoming full. Yet a king becomes full. Tell me, do you call yourself Christian? Yet went your child takes the car out for the first time you worry. A True Christian wouldn't because the cars not real and the kids not theirs. The child belongs to God and he goes with him. It's a pretty simple concept.

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