Why do men and women attract each other? Sex plays a part

Why are men attracted to women and women attracted to men? For some strange reason, we naturally attract each other. Why is that so? Is it in the mind? Is it in the body? Is it in the pheromones? It’s not like, you wake up and then suddenly you realize, you like girls or vice versa. So what’s the secret? Why are we attracted to the opposite sex?

Some of the ideas were derived from John Eldredge’s book ‘Wild at Heart’

Men and women ARE attracted to each other

Men and women ARE attracted to each other

God created Adam…

God has just finished creating most of the ‘good’ world – a world that pleased Him so much He wanted to create a being like Himself to dwell in it. And so He took some dirt, formed it in His image and breathed life into it. And so Adam came to being having been created by God and for God. He made Adam to be like Him in His competitive, wild, fierce, passionate nature and He said “It is good”. God placed Adam into a wild world.

Then God made Eve…

Then God realized that this part of Himself He has imparted to Adam needs a companion to be ‘good’ as God said “It is not good for man to be alone.” This fierce and competitive nature needs a helper. So God took out a rib from Adam while he was deep in sleep and created Eve. In Eve, God placed His loving, compassionate and tender-hearted nature. He made Eve in His image and likeness – beautiful and mysterious.

So what’s up with Adam and Eve?

Well unless you’re an alien, you probably look the same as Adam and Eve in terms of physical composition. You probably had the same traits, attributes and design as Adam and Eve had. You’re probably made in the image and likeness of God too!

God split Himself into man and woman. He gave man the gift of being competitive, fierce, wild, etc. While He gave woman the gift of being loving, caring, compassionate and beautiful. He made us equal and we are designed to look for God.

Men are fierce - that is God's nature reflected in us

Men are fierce - that is God's nature reflected in us

Man will look for God

Be brutally honest with yourself, at some point in your life have you ever felt a longing for something you can’t explain? Do you feel empty – like there’s a void in yourself that you cannot fill? We all have. Men are designed to search for God. Inside all of us, there is a God-shaped void that only He can fill. But He CANNOT fill it up for you – you have to search for Him to fill it.

You may not know it, but sex plays a part

Sex is the fulfillment of those two separate likeness of God in man and woman. When man and woman come together in physical unity, it is there where we find God’s likeness in us to be complete. That act of physical consummation goes far more than you know. It touches the soul. In the spiritual realm, there is something going on that you cannot explain – your image and likeness has become complete.

This is what I think…

I think God created sex for exactly that. To find Him. We search for Him and long for Him and we realize, “wow a woman is great” or “wow a man is great”. But then in the end, we find out that any man and any woman is imperfect. Only God has that complete nature we are looking for. Why are we attracted to each other? To find God. We look for Him and we glorify Him in our relationships. We glorify God through sex. That is His design for us.

What do you think?


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    I hate how sex is overly glamourized and bastardized nowadays as something very much different from what it was before. Now it's mostly about lust and hormones. Love is present, but it's reduced to just an excuse to get under someone's pants.

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    I am a Christian too. I believe that sex is created by God as a consummation of love and union of man and woman who are married. But I don't believe we glorify God through sex. Even in married sex, the purpose of sex is not glorification of God. Sex is for procreation as God commanded His people to multiply. We do not seek God through sex. You are right that we glorify Him through our personal relationships because our purpose is to live together in the same path and goal towards His kingdom . But not through sex. There is nothing in the Bible that says sex is for glorification of God. Our lives reflecting the likeness of Jesus should glorify God. A life of worship, reverence, charity, love, generosity , ministry, faith, and our trust in Him glorify God, not sex.

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      Wow! Thank you for your input! =)
      I just want to share with you something if you don't mind:
      1 Corinthians 10:31
      "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

      I think that includes even sex =) and also there's another verse in the Bible:

      Colossians 1:16
      "For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him."

      Sex was also created by God for Himself. He created it for His good purpose and we live and breathe and do everything to glorify Him.

      You are exceedingly correct that sex is created by God as a consummation of love and union and it is for procreation. And everything created by God is to glorify Him. Therefore sex must be created by God to glorify Himself, don't you think so? =)

      Of course I am only saying this in the parameters of marriage. Sex outside of marriage is sin. It is explicitly said in the Bible that it is wrong.

      Thanks for commenting here Bingkee! I'm honored! I read your blog love/hate america. I find your articles thought-provoking =D I like the last article about the bank employee being fired… That's a good issue to think about… =)

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