Traits of Wisdom. The wisdom list

The Wisdom List

The Wisdom List

There are so many different traits of wisdom. Some people have it while some don’t. It’s something that we learn and practice. Some of them becomes a habit while some of them has to be a discipline. I just wanted to make a wisdom list which I will expound on my latter posts.


Your words aren’t yours anymore once you say it – so think hard before letting a word go

Less words, less room for foolishness

Never stop learning even from your students

Your thoughts rule your emotions – so rule your thoughts

Speak only when necessary otherwise, listen

A wise man, when provoked, keeps his calm

A wise man overlooks an offense

Does not only hear but listens

Gives the benefit of the doubt

Does not think too much

Does not overanalyze things

Leads others to wisdom

A wise man is not the same as a philosopher

A wise man is not someone who knows a lot – he just knows how to decide what is right from what he knows

Knows what vision to keep and what to put away

Knows how to say ‘no’ to the lot of unnecessary things of this world

Knows that there must be more to life than study, work, settle down and die

Taming the emotion is a discipline – it starts with taming the thought

Wise men know how to keep their ‘yes’ because they know that when they do give it, they’re saying ‘no’ to other things

What you say is just as important as how you say it


  1. tsquareom says


    This prayer is from Jesus that we may here from Him, that He may meet our needs. It only consist of three simple steps.

    1) We need to read one scripture. This will focus us in the word that brings everlasting life.

    2) Since this prayer is from Jesus we need to direct our prayer to Him personally. Too often Christian focus they're prayer's to G_D the father. Scripture proclaims that Jesus should be the focus of our prayer.

    3) The simplest part of this Prayer is to ask Jesus one question. Please, all that is required for this question is to make it simple. Let Jesus Himself finish the question when He gives you that understanding through prayer.

    The PRAYER

    The scripture that is the focus of this prayer is "ACTS 2:38". It's not necessary to do any study into this scripture. Jesus Himself will bestow the understanding that will resonate in your heart.

    The most important part of this prayer is that we need to direct our prayer directly to Jesus. If you normally would say Father in your prayer, change your focus from the Father to Christ Jesus by lifting Jesus name up every time you would normally use Father in your prayer.

    Maybe the hardest part of this prayer is the question that we need to ask Jesus. For man as we are, always try to understand the question and may add many additional quires. The simplest question is all that is required.

    Simply ask Jesus 'WHY'

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