The Chimpanzee and sin: God and Compromise

Papayag ka baGeneticists say that the difference in the human DNA with a Chimp’s is just 1.82%

Imagine that, a 1.82% difference! Usually we shrug off a 1.82% right? With safeguard cleaning 99% of all germs, we still buy it (What’s 1% germ anyway!) right? What the heck could go wrong with 1.82%?

From a human to a Chimpanzee

We are 1.82% short of looking like a Chimp. If God committed a 1.82% mistake, we’d be as ugly as they are. Imagine, just a 1.82 mistake in your DNA and you’d be a chimp? Civilization will never be, our arts, our music wouldn’t exist. Our DNA has to be 100% precise for us to possibly exist. God made it possible.

From Chimpanzee to sin

For God, our lives look the same as a 1.82% difference would make us a chimp. A small portion of sin in our lives, even just 1.82% of it will ultimately make us as dirty in God’s eyes as a human is unimaginably compared to a chimp. God demands Holiness in our lives, which means a 100% setting aside our lives for Him.

One sin is already enough to make us a bad sight in the God’s eyes. Imagine how precise God is. He is a perfect God and we are created in His image and likeness. Only our sinful desires rooted in our sinful nature make us incapable of perfection. Otherwise God created us perfectly, therefore we are capable of pleasing Him in a perfect way.

Chimp-human pictureThe point is…

God didn’t make us to be chimpanzees. He really set in His mind to create men – in His image and likeness. He made us and designed us. He knows our functions and purposes and He knows exactly what we are capable of. He knows us.

And His main design for our lives is already written in His word. His manual for life. To live like human beings, we have to know what being human is about. The Bible, the Word of God, claims that it knows what to be human is about – it is actually the only book to do so.

My challenge to you guys

Is that you live a life that is Holy and pleasing to Him. Everyday in every way. Don’t compromise. Compromise makes you a chimp – and don’t even think they’re cute. Just don’t.


  1. h3sean says

    Yeah He does =) to make us into good-looking men and women haha!
    Thanks for always dropping a line Zac. I appreciate it!

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