The Prosperity Test: How God blessed me Triple in 16 days

Just recently, I’ve been struggling to give my tithe to God – because I will be going negative. I’ve had this bad habit of waiting 3 months until I give God 3 months worth of my tithe. I’m not saying that it’s a sin to do so. All I’m saying is that it’s much better if I give God my tithe the moment I get my income for the month. This is my testimony about tithing and God’s great financial blessings to me.

ProsperityThis entry has been inspired by God’s blessings in my life – His molding of my character, and His recent prosperity test for me. To you oh Lord, I give my greatest thanks and praise. May this entry always glorify you!

And for the month of February, I’ll be going negative if I do give my tithe to God. Bad budgeting.

You see, I’ve been supporting campus missionaries. And there’s this specific campus missionary that I give a sizable amount to. My support for this person is charged via credit card. On November 2011, I cut that specific credit card due to bad service. What happened was, my support for that campus missionary got cut too – 4 months behind as of February 2012. I was only able to transfer the billing to my other credit card on Feb 2012.

That money isn’t mine. I pledged it to God to give to that campus missionary. Because it was 4 months already, it was an even bigger amount. I knew that I’ll be going negative on March’s credit card billing. I asked God if my support to that campus minister could be considered as my ‘tithe’ – apparently God said ‘NO’. Little did I know that God’s ‘No’ is because He wants to bless me more than that.

Let’s roll back a little bit – where I am now

SEO HackerI’m an internet marketer and SEO specialist. Right now I’m the proprietor and managing director of SEO Hacker – an internet marketing company. We offer a wide variety of best-quality services and we prove our worth by applying our internet marketing strategies to our own website. Right now we have 10 wonderful full-time workers (including me!) and a lot of part time writers and are looking for more people!

The company was started by God in my life through helping me test and experiment with this blog, God and You. I was not born rich. My family is not rich. I had no money to start a business. No capital at all – ZERO. And yet, God started the company with me from doing freelance SEO work – to signing contracts with big name clients. God is my provider.

SEO Hacker Team

The SEO Hacker Team

The company earns a good amount each month and I get to keep a portion for myself – enough for me to spend for myself, my dates with my wonderful girl, my family, etc… It was a blessed amount. It was also more than enough for me to give and support other people in need. Which, I believe, God has called me to. And to top it all off, I get to save a fair amount at the end of each month.

All these blessings were brought to me by God just like that in the year 2010 when I graduated college. He just provides!

But last year (2011), I had no new contracts to boost up my savings and earnings even if I worked hard for them. Strange. Still, I gave my tithe to God and my support to other people.

But February 2012 was different – I was going to go red.

I didn’t want to go red.

I want to get married this year – and, I can humbly and honestly tell you that I’m VERY far off financially.

Caution: Tithe only if you want to be blessed. Otherwise, spend it on what you want.

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.” – Malachi 3:10

There is no logic in tithing. How can I get richer than how I could be if I give 10% of what I have every month to the God who created this universe? Does He need my money?

No. Tithing is an aspect of complete faith in action. It is a no-logic act. Only people with real faith in God will be moved to tithe because they love God and want to honor the Great Provider with the results of their work.

How God said that my support cannot be considered as my tithe:

At first, I thought that my compromise with my tithe being my support for the campus missionary is alright. But there were three people who told me that I had to tithe and my campus missionary support cannot be considered as my tithe.

Aneglyn Co – She’s the girl of my dreams. And once, while I was driving with her after I’ve made that ‘compromise with God’, she told me that, for her, tithing should be different than my support for other people. Strike one.

Charles Sy He’s the youngest brother of pastor Dennis Sy. A really good friend and ‘older brother’ to me. He suddenly just chatted me one night – asking me if I’m already getting married. Of course I told him about my financial status – and the first thing he asked me was: “Are you giving your tithe?” I was convicted even if I was giving my campus missionary support. It was a confirmation from God that my tithe is different – and I shrugged it off.

Bill Hybels – Senior Pastor of Willowcreek church. Powerful preacher and an amazing life-example of how he surrendered his finances to God. I was listening to Billy Hybels in his current podcast ‘Financial Series 2012’ – and I was strongly reminded of the real reason behind tithing. In this podcast he said “Is tithing like breathing to you? Is it the first check you write? Only those with a high view of God will answer a resounding ‘yes’.”

Right there and then, I knew that I had to refresh my perspective. I had to have a high view of God when it comes to money and His provisions. I didn’t waste any more time. I gave my tithe to God.

Everything I have right now is because of Him. Every talent, every skill, every teammate, every penny, every hair of my head – is because of His great love for me. Because our God wants us to enjoy life to its full even here on Earth.

What happened to my February?

God is Amazing!

God is Amazing!

By faith, I gave my tithes and paid what I pledged to the campus missionary. I’m expecting to have a big hit on my savings when March comes. Well, it’s March now. March 16, 2012 to be exact. In that 16 days of March, 3 contracts were signed. So much so that I do not have enough manpower to handle more contracts and I’m rejecting new clients who are looking to hire our services.

To top it all off, my offshore client gave us so much work on February, that this offshore client alone could pay for all my support and tithe to God! AMAZING! I didn’t go red – not even for a month! God is indeed faithful in seeing me through.

That small step of faith – of me giving my tithe even if I was going to take a hit on my savings (and will give up the idea of getting married this year), resulted into a big blessing. I cannot even begin to believe that three contracts have already been signed these 16 days (and 2 more on the way!). All praise and Glory be to God.

There is a Prosperity Test

And God gives it to each and every one of us. This is when God gives us the talents for us to grow or keep or spend for ourselves. I want to encourage you to let your talent grow and to give. There is no better way to spend your money than to use it to further God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

I know that whatever happens from this point on with my finances, God is faithful and He has miraculously helped me in this specific time of my life. May He continue to bless me and use me to bless others.

This is my testimony.


  1. Wenn says

    Nice!!! Glad you wrote this. . . We really can’t out give GOD. . . The more we received we really need to give back to GOD what is His in the first place. . . Thanks for the reminder 😉

    Well, ummm the reason why GOD is allowing this is also for good and surprising reasons. . . In preparation for the next part of your life. . . “marriage”. Countinue to be blessed and be a blessing!!! <3

  2. says

    Man this hit home!!!! I have recently REALLY committed to my exact tithe amount, I must admit while writing the checks I have questioned the amount. I was raised in a family where you give, but you just give what you currently have in your pocket, or an amount you could afford to give away. “never give till it hurts” About a month ago we had a service on the way God views the tithe, our preacher stated “your not giving until you hit the 11th percent” the first 10 is God’s.

    That message really hit home with me, two days later I met a young businessman 34 at a church gathering, we started talking about our careers I mentioned I had a web development-SEO company. When I mentioned SEO he lit up, explaining how the co he owned was dumping tons of money into SEO and were looking to switch providers bc he questioned the business ethics of the current company. He invited me to his house the next night to discuss his SEO strategies. Needless to say I was blown away, he had a HUGE house on a hilltop we walked into his garage where he had a million dollar (usd) car collection. So where am I going with all of this??? Our conversation turned into a personal chat about his success and how he struggled over the years, but he never cut his tithe, he talked about the months where he had to decide between paying his house payment or giving his tithe to God…. Its amazing how god plants the seed in us and then POURS water all over us to give is the opportunity to grow through his word.

    I would love to say I closed a huge account with this gentleman, however I am currently working through doubt his last SEO company left him with. Regardless if he signs with me or not, I praise God for placing people along my path to increase my conviction in my choices to continue to walk in his light.

    • says

      Hey Marcus,
      Wow – God is really moving in your life too man. I’m so glad to know that God is blessing you too! May you continue to be faithful in Him in honoring Him with your blessings as I also am going to continue to do.

  3. shapestone rubvuwe says

    Thanks to Marcus and Sean for your testimonies, this has built more faith to me and now i can not doubt God. he is the saurce of all we need in this life. He created us so we can enjoy this life more abundantly and i feel the reason why we pay tithes is not because he needs the money but it is a platform to get a blessings from him, God is faithfull.

  4. Scotty says

    Good article. How has your finances been lately? I’m going totake your advice and start to tithe. I never really tithed but give a offerings when I go to church. I want to give 10 percent and see if that’s really works and will come back to me with a great financial blessings. thank you for your work for spreading the gospel to the lost world.

  5. says

    Totoo! When i started tithing way bay 2011, i really experienced the miracle of Mal 3:10.
    Now, i just dont give tithe, i also give offering too, so 20% total.
    Please keep on blogging.

  6. says

    Sean, thank you for testimony. I have a question: as a business owner, do you tithe from business earnings or just from what you bring home?

  7. Noma Khoza says

    thank you for your testimony, I just committed to tithe every month and trusting GOD to take care of my
    finances. my son is starting his own wedding kiosk business and we want to start family property business
    We trusting GOD to be with us in all that we do and to bless us to be a blessing to his kingdom and people.

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