Why Some People Don’t believe the Bible

I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced debates and arguments about the Bible even once in your life. Yes, even when you’re not a Christian. Why is it that there are so many disagreements about the Bible? So many doubts about it’s roots? Isn’t there a knockdown argument that can once-and-for-all shut the argument up?

Evolution and the Bible

Biblical evolution? Is there such a thing?

Truth has been watered down

And polluted. These days you just don’t know what’s true anymore. People tell you one thing and another group of people tell you another. Both have evidences to back up their claims. It’s crazy how the world can manipulate evidences and results nowadays. It can certainly confuse you.

Evolution tells you one thing. Science and recent discoveries makes it so believable to the point that they have concrete ‘evidences’ such as dinosaur bones and pre-historic human findings. Or so they claim.

And if you don’t know the truth, the concreteness and evidences will lure you into believing their argument. And if their argument is true for you, then creation will definitely automatically be false. Because there can be no agreement between two ‘truths’ with their core essence being in disagreement with each other. If one is true, the other must be false.

Created by faith

The Bible as we know, is written by people through the power and influence of the Holy Spirit in them. It is written by faith. So it takes faith to read and understand it.

Not all people believe. Not all people agree that there is even such a thing called faith. And as such, people reject the Bible and choose to believe in things that don’t take faith in order for them to believe it.

Such as evolution.

Why? Because there are scientifically-claimed ‘evidences’ of it. Society, science and our limted reason has made it so much easier to believe scientific discoveries. But they’re just discoveries nontheless. Discoveries never claimed the truth. It’s the story’s job to tell the truth not the discovery. Discoveries never tell stories unless the stories were there beforehand to back it up.

Think about it.

The reason why the God did not make a knock-down argument for the Bible is to leave room for faith. Because it will take no less than faith for you to believe Him. That He exists. And that His Word is the truth. The only solid truth that will never change in this constantly changing world we are in.

Only faith can enable you to believe the Bible.

Made by faith. Approached by faith.

The most powerful undeniable evidence of the Bible is the changed lives it has impacted throughout the generations that have passed the world by. Has evolution ever changed lives like the Word of God? Even once?

Say you believe it.


  1. anynymous says

    you cannot imagine the number of lives that have been changed by science and technology. the minds of Cori, Embden, Einstein and many other scientific minds have countless beauties to profess on the grandeur of science.

  2. says

    I totally agree with this post…and indeed God leaves room for faith because after all, when He created us, he gave us a mind and heart , and a freedom to choose faith or not.

  3. Colisha says

    When I read things like this: "They have concrete 'evidences' such as dinosaur bones and pre-historic human findings. Or so they claim." it makes it hard for me to take Christians or the bible seriously.

    • says

      When you question the Bible because of those 'evidences' – give room for God and question the 'evidences' too. Are they real? Media can make it look such. Science can claim things through carbon dating (and carbon dating only works for so long… Around 1000 years, I think?) Do some research. :)

  4. anonymous says

    “The most powerful undeniable evidence of the Bible is the changed lives it has impacted throughout the generations that have passed the world by.”

    so has catcher in the rye. on the road. the five people you meet in heaven. mary poppins. changing lives isn’t a criteria to assess validity.

    • says

      And what is the reason behind your argument? These examples you have cited has not changed lives 2,000 years back, plus by changed lives I meant drastically – not pettily.

      • anonymous says

        you’re missing the point. a lot of people have been inspired by Aesop’s The Tortoise and the Hare. It has changed people’s attitudes in how to live their life. It was written before Jesus’ time. That doesn’t make the story true! The Bible may be inspirational, but that can’t be used as a justification to prove its truth!

        • says

          Since you do not find dramatic change as a basis for it’s truth,
          How about historical facts? The Bible has never been proven wrong, has it?
          And it is the only book that has ever claimed that it is the Word of God. The Tortoise and the Hare never claimed that it is God’s Word, has it?

          • charlie says

            Unicorns have never been proven untrue have they? I know I would believe in them before i would the thought of some guy walking across water which is physically impossible. The difference between those two choices is simple- one could possibly happen and the other couldn’t, the same- they both aren’t proven true

          • says

            It starts with faith – something that has to exist without proof. If you could understand that, then you could realize how the Word of God could change the lives of so many people.

  5. val says

    I had an encounter with a Buddhist last night. We had a chance to discuss about religion just very briefly. I was so ashamed in behalf of the Body of Christ for what I heard from the person. It shocked me to find out that the reason why Buddhist don’t like Christianity is because Christians seem to be hypocrites for they claim to be Christians but not living their lives like Christ!!! whew!!! I was really so sad and felt like crying coz I myself is guilty of such truth! I felt like I am an embarrassment to the lover of my soul and my savior – Jesus!

    a lot of people don’t believe the Bible coz the readers of the Bible (who call themselves “Christians’) are not reflecting what they are reading from their Bible. Shameful Christians. I am a believer and used to have a Daily Devotion because i believe that His Word Works. But to answer why people don’t believe the Bible is because those who claim to be Christians are not walking in what they’ve read from their Bible! hypocrites in other words! Church, get out from hypocrisy! That’s what the Buddhists don’t like about Christianity. And I believe Jesus hates hypocrisy as well!

    • says

      There are still genuine Christians living in our world today. Though we can see the ungodliness of our world more because it is advertised and glorified, we should not give up hope – because living authentically for our God is possible in this age and time.

  6. maria says

    I was raised catholic. And I believe in the bible. But why are Christians saying the world will end may 21 it scares me an I don’t think anyone should have a date of that time. When Jesus returns!

    • says

      Hello Maria,
      No one knows when the world will end. Don’t believe them – you know the truth about it by reading the Bible. I encourage you to do so.

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