Why was the First Man created Alone?

Note from the author: This entry was inspired by my Love who said he wanted to stretch my limits. I praise God for him each and every time I think of him, everyday. He inspires me.

ParadiseHave you ever wondered why God created Adam before Eve? Let me speak first with the ladies. In some cases that we get to have men open our door, hear them say, “Ladies first” or “After you”… soon thereafter a smile marks our faces, and we’ll be happy to have met one of the few gentlemen left in the planet. But when our God created the universe, the human race, He first made Adam. As I pondered and talked with God, here are some of the reasons:

Men Are Designed To Lead.

Kindly note, designed, it’s not a matter of want. Guys, you’re made for leadership. God wanted you first to know the ins and outs, the structural framework and then you delegate. He knows that you hunger for the adventure, to seek the unknown for yourself and by yourself. And guess what, He specifically designed you to enjoy it.

Yes, two minds indeed are better than one. However, order first has to be established and our systematic God placed men in that authority. And as we all know, leadership comes with great responsibility.

Men Have Priorities.

If you will read in Genesis 1 verse 20-24, God created great creatures of the sea, every winged bird according to its kind, living creatures on the land, wild animals according to its kind and creatures that move along the ground. In v22, it writes God blessed them and said, “Be faithful and increase in number.” But again, for the human race, only a man was created.

In v26, God said, “Let us make man in our image in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

From here, we can say that God created man first for Himself; to do His work and mission for Him. He ought to be fully developed, molded into His likeness in strength and in character. And then after this, God creates his Eve – or should I say, He lets Adam meet his Eve.

And so what are we ladies ought to do? You guessed it right! We are to wait. But not just that, we are to be developed as well. In Proverbs 31 verse 11, it writes, “Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.” Statistics now says that for every man, there are 7 women! So we better make sure that we’re the better choice compared to the other 6, don’t you think?

Being a GentlemanWomen Are Designed To Partner.

There was an enormous task to be done. God had entrusted Adam with His creation. And He placed Eve alongside him to encourage, support and help him carry his tasks. God didn’t particularly specify that Eve should rule over the animals with Adam but He wanted her to be beside Adam. Some of you might think this to be unfair but basing it in Scripture, God placed Adam in-charge and so Eve’s focal was to be there for Adam… to serve him… to accompany him.

We are to trust our God and remember Him to be our Creator and Author of our love stories. He knows even the numbers of hair in our head. He knows the utmost desires of our hearts. Therefore, wouldn’t He know what is best for you? Definitely! But in our waiting, in Him alone, can we find the Perfect Gentleman.

‘You can’t hurry love.’

Men, Adam never asked God he needed a mate. He didn’t question his Master how come all the creatures he ruled over had a partner yet he didn’t. God just knows. In His wisdom, riches and grace, He provided him with his Eve out of his own ribs. And so men, I urge you to work and be developed for the advancement of His Kingdom. And women, wait patiently and expectantly for your Adam. Keep yourselves pure and be steadfast for your man.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. –Matthew 6: 33.


  1. says

    Please don’t forget that not everyone fits the general stereotypes for “man” or “woman”, because those are genetic in origin to a large degree (by design), and yet there are definitely those who have characteristics more in common with the opposite sexual gender, both physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. I happen to know quite a few people like this due to my circle, and it can be very challenging to relate to a one-size fits all treatment of gender.

    It is especially important to remember that while it does have relevance here in the earthly realm, and that we err grossly when we try to ignore obvious differences between males and females as groups with distinctive differences as a whole, this does not apply to the kingdom of heaven at all: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

    We also know that from what Jesus said, there is no marriage between people after the resurrection, which furthers the notion that there is no gender in the heavenly realm.

    Physical gender is important if you want to get married and bear children. Characteristics that correlate to gender are important in establishing relationships and in raising children. But not everyone fits into the boxes so simply. :)

    • Angelyn says

      Thank you for this added information Tim! :) Indeed you are correct in saying that there are attributes and characteristics in males and females that are found in both sexes. This article however, still stresses that as individuals, in waiting for the partner God designed for us, we shall develop ourselves for God and in turn for our future spouse.

  2. Maria says

    According to Jesus Christ woman are equal. If you believe the Bible at all. When we were first in the Garden Adam and Eve were equal until Eve presented Adam with the Apple, then Women were put under a curse to be under subjection to the Man. The Curse of Eve was broken When Christ rose from the dead. The letters of Paul are just that, letters and were never considered scripture until the last 5 centuries. Christ died for all and was risen for all, breaking EVERY bondage.

    We are concidered the children of Abraham, not Adam, We are the daughters of Sarah, not Eve (Isaiah 51:2) This is important because in the garden of Eden the curse came because Adam listened to Eve. but with Abraham, the blessing was established because Abraham was commanded of God to hearken to his wife. Thus placing the woman back into her position of equality.

    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/According_to_the_Bible_are_women_equal_to_men#ixzz1tTFQROoR

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