How does your emotions affect your judgment?

We all have emotions. We feel happy or sad, joyful or mad, it makes us laugh or cry or smile. Emotions move us and make us feel. It is something that’s innate and intentionally designed for us. Emotions are very powerful and we have to be mindful of it. Why? Because our emotions are very powerful decision-influencers.

Your emotion is a battleground where God and the Devil strive for mastery

Your emotion is a battleground where God and the Devil strive for mastery

Emotions are a double-edged sword

Ever fell in love? Then you know just how pleasurable emotions can be. It takes you to cloud 9 and on some occasions, it let’s you stay there for a while. Ever got hurt? Then you know just how devastating your emotions can be. It can take you down deep and have you hit rock bottom. And on some occasions, it let’s you stay there for as long as you’d want to keep it. Our emotions are a double-edged sword. And double-edged swords take a lot of extra care to wield.

Life is full of choices

People are capable of making rash decisions. We are faced with choices here and there. Decisions left and right. Life is full of them. Oftentimes we are left to our judgment to make the right choice. When crunch time comes and you’re faced with a big one, you often think about it harder and re-evaluate your emotions because you know that it’s going to change the course of your life. But how about the little ones? The small decisions you face everyday?

Oftentimes we take those little decisions for granted and we usually let our emotions handle it. We think that those little choices don’t matter when in fact they do. If we are not faithful with the little things, how can we be faithful with the big ones that come our way? We cannot leave the small decisions we make to emotion. Everything has to be considered and well-thought of with your sound judgment. Sometimes little decisions for us mean a lot to some people. We have to re-evaluate ourselves in making the right choice.

Think about it

Emotions can cloud our judgment. When we’re angry, we usually deny. When we’re feeling happy we usually allow or indulge. I tell you the truth, if you let yourself be that way, there will come a time when you will regret certain decisions you’ve made in life with a whim of your emotions. Surrender your emotions to God, pray for wisdom and always come to the realization that every choice you make matters.


  1. Sigma says

    I wouldn't say that emotions a double edge sword.. but a single edge sword.. you know why? because if you are angry then you would use the sharp edge to slice and kill your enemy.. and if you are happy then you would feel pity and use the other edge to give your enemies a second chance..

    But emotions can really affect the decision of one person.. Emotions feed the heart.. and the heart is a very fertile place, plant hatred or love and it will surely grow..

  2. says

    Emotions can be inhibiting but also empowering! It is all about how emotionally-intelligent we are. We have to ask ourselves "Why am I feeling this way?" and "How does this feeling motivate me to do certain actions?" If we can cultivate mindfulness of our emotions than we can better read ourselves and know what life is calling for us to do.

  3. jerone says

    Emotion is just our reaction in a certain situation!!! If our emotion overpower our Thinking definitely we are just reacting… there is a big difference in reacting and thinking… before taking any action or decision we have to discern if its based on our emotion or on our thinking.. and last always ask God in every decision we need to make.

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