Happy, happy new year! Thank you for being with me in my journey with God through this site!

Happy new year everyone!

I just wanted to thank you guys for following my blog and commenting once in a while. You’ve been a big, big encouragement to me! I praise God that He has enabled me to bless people through this site. Indeed His plans are great! And I enjoy blogging a lot! Thank you for all your kind words, your thoughts and your support!

Thank you for 2009! Excited for 2010!

Thank you for 2009! Excited for 2010!

Looking forward

I’m very excited towards the year 2010! It has been great having you guys last year but it’s exciting what can happen on the days, months and years to come! I’m so glad to have known you and to have you share your thoughts here in my site or as my Facebook contact or wherever. I’m so blessed to know you guys! Thank you!

You know who you are

I’ve developed great relationships in this blog. I got to know people more and I got to bless a lot of lives in teaching and imparting wisdom. My thanks to Dani Payawal, Anj Bargan, Austin Takahashi (my disciple), Kim Manalili, Charles Chan, Lean Sze (my best friend), Geosh Ngan (Kapitbahay!), Vince Chang (Pinsan!), Joel Fresco, Zack Martinez and to many others!!! You all know who you are and you know you’ve been such an encouragement to me. May God bless you more and may you always love wisdom. Always be humble enough to learn from other people. Always put God first in your life!

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Vision to reach out

I hope and pray that this blog will be the output of the learnings I go through in my life. I hope and pray that people will get to see and read the entries here so that they would know these things and may it help them in their walk with God and in their lives. Pray for me. May I be steadfast in my beliefs, may I be wise in my ways, may I be humble and may I always have my focus on God.

Thank you!

Thank you, everyone! You have made this blog worth writing! It’s where God allows me to preach even if I’m not a pastor. It’s where I’m free to share my opinions and beliefs to the world. It’s my testimony. It’s my blessing from Him. It’s my blessing to you. Thank you so much!


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      Thanks Dani!!! =D thank YOU as well =) you're such a big, big encouragement to me!
      I see you've registered in the intensedebate!!! Kewl! You're in the top commenters —>

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