Why don’t I feel God anymore? Spiritual Obesity

Lately I noticed that I wasn’t feeling the hunger for going to church and getting filled with God’s messages through podcasts anymore. It’s like my head is in the clouds when the band is playing and my thoughts can’t focus on the pastor’s message. It left me wondering “Why?”

Spiritually obese

Too much theology without practice can hinder your spiritual life

This entry is inspired by the message of pastor Aaron Lucas from the Citipointe live band who made me realize I was already spiritually obese. Too obese.

You’ll feel it

There will come a point in your Christian walk with God where you will get full. It’s like a glass of water. Once it’s full, it’s full – you need to let someone drink from it or pour water out in order for it to be filled up again.

Your spiritual life can get so fed up – and if you don’t exercise your faith through ministry, you will get spiritually obese. Now don’t get me wrong, getting your mind fed and filled with the Word is good. Listening to preachings and having your quiet time is good. Going to church is good – and all those things are reflections on your desire to seek God.

But it’s not enough.

More to burn

Just as food is good for you so is Spiritual food. But it doesn’t stop at eating. You need to work – to do something. To exercise. You need to burn all the fats because those fats are intended for you to burn. It’s the same with your spiritual life. You gotta burn your spiritual fats in ministry. Serving others. Sharing God to the world.

There are different calibers of spiritual exercise. As for me, this blog is not enough, singing in church once in a while is not enough, teaching in a small group is not enough. I need to go out and do more. I need to burn these spiritual fats that I’ve accumulated through the years.

If you feed more, you need to do more to keep a healthy spiritual life.

Ever felt spiritually obese? Do tell in the comments section below.


  1. brother says

    It’s like the proverbial example of the Dead Sea. What it does is take in water, but it doesn't let water out.
    I understand the spiritual obesity and the need to exercise. After all, the bible tells us that bearing fruits (May it be good works or a renewed life away from sin) are evidences of one's salvation. With that said, we are expected to bear fruit. The faith you and I have must manifest in itself. It’s not so much the knowledge we gained through the years, but the joy in knowing more and more about God through Jesus Christ. That sense of wonder and awe of knowing something new about God will keep us from wanting to know Him more.
    But being "fed up" or being "full" may just be a symptom of something else. More often than not one becomes fed up with something when one starts to think that it's something one already knows. When one starts to develop this line of thinking, pride might be creeping slowly into one's mind. We start to think that we don't need to hear it again, because we already know it. Before we know it, we become silently arrogant.
    Romans 12:2 tell us that instead of conforming to the patterns of this world, we should be transformed by the renewing of our mind. This might just be a personal take on the verse, but a renewed mind is one that will always search wisdom in God's Word. A renewed mind will result into a transformed life and consequently allowing Jesus to produce character through us.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but what you are saying is that the solution to spiritual obesity is ministry. Though I may agree with you to a certain degree, it may lead people to believe that if they cannot feel God, they should serve in ministry. Serving in ministry must come with a joyful and willing heart, not a heart that searches for a solution to satisfy itself, however noble that action is. I personally believe that the more one can no longer feel the hunger for God, the more one should dwell in His Word, and I don’t mean the podcasts or the messages in church, but in staying still and allowing God to talk to you, even when you can’t feel Him. Psalm 42 is an example of such a situation. Even when we cannot feel Him or the hunger for Him, we should run to Him still and ask, “God, why have I lost the desire to know You more?”
    Just my thoughts on the topic. I admire the call to ministry, but I must warn you that ministry is something our hearts should be willing to do. We shouldn’t do it as a means to an end. =)
    God bless you brother! Your insights make me think. =)

    • says

      Good insight buddy :)
      You are right in saying that serving in ministry must come with a joyful and willing heart. There are a lot of reasons why you can no longer feel a hunger for God – and this entry of mine just points out the reason being my lack of serving God and practicing theology in my life.

  2. Ribke says

    Like this! 😀
    but, may I share what I feel?
    It happens to me many times, uno…and it makes me tired, Sean :'(
    I mostly talked to my close friend in my boarding house bout it, and she said that it usually happens when we accept God in our lives, and it makes our faith grow bigger n bigger.. I can accept that, n I try to not grumble, I always give thanks bout what happens in my life everyday, It’s not easy, ino, but I really2x it’s gonna be stop…
    In Choo Thomas’ book “Heaven is So Real” I found the answer, that if we want to accept God’s gift, we must be patient, and waiting is the hardest for serving God.. I continue to seek Him everyday but sometimes I’m just confused n dont understand, because I think He’s too complicated to be understood..
    When d’1st time I knew Him, I could share with my close friend all the time, and my twin sister..
    But when I know Him step by step, I thought I lost them, I miss talking with them bout God..
    well, we are on 5th semester n different faculty, I’m bussy, so are they.. When I miss God, my friends, I only can pray. My college friends are not like us, I love them but in different way, uno what I mean, Sean..
    Hope you read my comment, Sean, I just miss someone to talk with.. hehehe 😛
    Thx Sean.. GBless ^^,

  3. Hanz Garr Torres says

    i agree with these, there comes in a point in my Christian life , that i look for more ways to do good, to have a different approach in my ministry, and to have a different style. IM so fed up with the common things a normal Christian do,its like what you have said, praising and singing is not enough, teaching in a small cell group is not enough, even talking and sharing to someone is not enoough, its like my potential as a Christian is not being utilize fully. sometimes, its not bad to go out and try to do something different from the usual and from there form a n ew way of spiritual exercise.

  4. says

    I’ve never thought of this until I came across this blog which was just shared thru facebook by a friend. I’m a newbie to Christianity and I didn’t expect I would have this spiritual obesity this early. Now I realized that I shouldn’t just read the bible, listen to podcast and pray. But instead do SOMETHING and share what I’m actually getting. :)

    • says

      Hi Aska,
      I’m glad that you stumbled upon this. Even I tend to stay complacent and grow spiritually fat at times. Keep working for the Lord :)
      God bless you.

  5. Buena Velasco says

    I believe I have experienced spiritual obesity–it’s common to church
    kids. All the more to those who have the house-school-church “life
    mode”. But then exercising spiritual fats is really needed and I think
    even without initiation, one can go through it sa workplace, industry,
    where you work with people who don’t believe in Jesus. Super
    challenging. :) Thank Kuya Sean for sharing! :)

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