Why you easily fall in love after a breakup

Isn’t it a wonder how easily you fall for someone after you’ve just gotten out of a romantic relationship? Have you ever felt like needing someone for you to love and care about and likewise who loves and cares about you right after a breakup or, as the famous Lady Gaga puts it, after a “Bad Romance?”

I'm sure you've been through one

I'm sure you've been through one

This entry has been inspired by events that has transpired in my life that impacted me emotionally as well as intellectually.

I’ve never had a girlfriend before

But if you’ve been following my entries lately, you know that I’ve involved myself in a romantic relationship. And in the middle of it all, God told me that it’s just not for me – at least not yet.

And so throughout the time in between that event and today, I’ve been under a flurry of emotional barrage that has consistently tried to penetrate the way I think. In some cases, it got through, and in some, I pondered it carefully. It’s such a powerful mind-changer, this thing called ’emotion’.

It seems to me that your emotions are still in it’s peak during the time when you just had a relationship that has turned sour. And as King Solomon puts it in his song,

“Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” – Song of Solomon 2:7

Unfortunately, when you fall in love, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen.

We awaken love. And with it, we awaken that intricately powerful feeling called the emotion. And it will drive and push you to feed it again after you’ve just broken up with someone who used to feed it.

Please understand, I am not antagonizing emotion in any way. Emotion is exceedingly good and pleasurable and God created it. But when something extremely good and pleasurable is used in a wrong way – without discipline or control, then it becomes an addiction and it will destroy you.

Emotional Wisdom

It takes faith and emotional wisdom to deny your emotions when you have awakened love and it has rejected you. That’s why people transfer from relationship to relationship after they have tasted and experienced what emotional love is like.

That’s why there are a lot of broken hearts. Of fleeting romances. Short crafted memories that rapidly expires to heartache and pain. It eats you up.

And it will always scar your emotions.

And being an emotional scar, people can’t see it. But once they’re emotionally involved in your life, they get to see it. To feel it – almost touching it. And you can’t hide it from the ones who are closest to you

Be wise. Be wise over your emotions.

Let God guide you.

Fall in love with Him after a breakup and you’ll realize that you never have to wound yourself again.


  1. palala la says

    …lol… its true, a lot of my friends get into relationship as soon as they broke up with someone….it's something i don't understand, and probably will never understand… not because i never had a boyfriend rather i just don't see love as a "cellphone" when people lost their phone they buy new one, when it got broken they have it fix and if it didn't get fix they throw it away.. at times thats how they see love… something that can be easily replace and find… its sad…

    • says

      That's the reality of it. That's the humanity of love and emotions and relationships. Unless you take on the discipline and decision to develop emotional wisdom, You'll always find yourself hopping from one relationship into another – because your goal isn't to find someone whom you can be the best for, but someone who can best feed your emotion.

      • palala la says

        true… i Just hope that people will know, what it really means to love, its not about finding the right one its about being the right one for that person you'll spend your forever with..

  2. brookelaurine says

    God is Awesome. Every since I started walking with the lord I havent dated in 3 years. It has been challeging at time but defintely worth every minute. My mind is clear to hear God. I know when the time comes he will show me and I wont have to guess or be scared..

  3. says

    Wow! Thanks huge for posting this up Kuya Sean! :) Feels like someone just put into words experience and principles in summary. All the more, your post widens my idea that there are other people who has the same experience as I have. NBSB but had been involved romantically. And yes, faith and wisdom are absolutely necessary. God bless you more! :)

  4. Angel says

    Hi, Sean! Thanks for this.

    I strongly agree of what you said, “Fall in love with Him after a breakup and you’ll realize that you never have to wound yourself again.”

    I encountered the Lord God after my first heart break and He miraculously healed my heart like I never had my first heart break! I didn’t experience hoping to a relationship to another relationship.

    God bless you! :)

    • says

      Hi Angel,
      Thanks for gracing this post with your experience with heartbreak and the Lord. I’m glad that you found it just as I did. God bless you!

  5. msaraes says

    after my boyfriend dumped me, i jumped immediately in a relationship with another boy, i wanted to not feel alone and to take my mind from my ex, i wanted to be in a relationship again. It didn’t happen. Indeed i wasn’t feeling lonely, the new boy was actually great, he made me laugh and we had nice time together, but it wasn’t love what i was experiencing, actually it made me think about the amazing times i had with my ex.In the end i ended the things with the new boy and now i am alone, i need time to heal and maybe in the future, i will feel genuine love again, not just my need to not be alone satisfied and to have somebody next to me.

    • says

      Know that human affection will never satisfy the innermost longing of our soul. I’m married and very happily so, yet I long for a love that is out of this world. Thank God I found it through Jesus who loves me and gave me eternal life through Himself. Seek Jesus and His love and you will never long for the affection of a partner as strongly as you are longing for it now. God bless you!

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