A weekend with Makati Hope students batch 2010

The retreat ‘Beyond’ for Makati Hope’s graduating batch 2010 was held March 5-7. I’m honored to have been part of it and to touch the lives of young men and women who are on their way to highschool and college.

There were grade 6 students and high 4 students. I remember when I was in their shoes. Those were years ago. How time flies!

I handled grade 6 students. They’re so cute and bubbly!

Me and my grade 6 group with atchi Joy

Me and my grade 6 group with atchi Joy

I talked on the panel discussion. Answered some questions – the ones which I think we also asked when we were in our highschool and gradeschool years.

It was a fun and quite relaxing weekend for me. I spent most of my free-time sleeping. Haha! Iba talaga pag tumatanda na!

Had so much fun with the teachers, the teens and the young ones during the retreat. I’m still proud that I graduated from MHCS – during the retreat I can see the hard work on laying the foundation of Christ in the students.

And I just have to say: Twice was I thought out to be a highschool graduating student together with all the High-4 youths. O diba?

I praise God for the school. Keep up the good work teachers! You are the mentors of the next generation! And thank you for all your life you’ve invested in us!

Until next year!

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