Sean Si Angelyn Co Wedding

Miracles in My Wedding Day

Although I know it may seem well nigh impossible for me to tell you that my wedding day was perfect, it truly was.We had 530 guests who attended our wedding. It was at the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang. The Grand Ballroom was packed with … [Read More...]


Si-Co Wedding Invitation

I’m Getting Married!

Almost 5 years ago, I started this blog. God and You. I was a college student who was very hopeful to take off and start my career and earn money. Time flies. A month from now and I'm a married man. What you don't know is that this is not what I had in mind.Life was tougher than I thoughtMy … [Read More]

God and Purity

Sexual Fulfillment

How Pornography Killed the Real Men

This is the question lots of women are asking lately: "Where have all the men gone?", "Where are the real men?" Here's the short answer: They died.No, not literally.They died because they stopped growing up. They got stuck being boys. And the real reason behind that?Porn.You heard me … [Read More]

God and the World

feeling discourged

Leave No Room for Discouragement

You must be saying, "But we cannot avoid discouragements!" True, in fact, as much as we cannot predict what will happen in a year, a month or a week, we cannot assume we will not experience anything discouraging in a DAY. But how do we react when we are discouraged? Usually, how long do you stay … [Read More]

God and Wisdom

gossip and slander

The Corrossive Effects of Gossip and Slander

Gossip and Slander are two sly sins that make it through to the list of bad habits in the Bible. Have you ever experienced being on the bad end of these? Are you going to admit if you're a usual participant in them? What's so bad about gossip and slander?I've been through a ton of pruning and … [Read More]

God and His Glory

Stevie Wonder was born blind

If God created you blind

Ever seen a blind man begging in the streets? Or a blind man singing by the corner with his guitar and put-up microphone? I wonder if they were born blind… Chances are, they were. It happens right? What if God created you blind? Do you think He’d say Oops?This entry was inspired by Cat & … [Read More]

God and Compromise

Only Human

The Common Excuse When Falling into Temptation

I've been reading Charles Stanley's 'Winning the War Within' and I've come across a very intriguing argument in his book. Here's what he has to say about the common excuse we make when falling into temptation. "One of the most common statements people make to excuse failure in the area of … [Read More]

God and Philosophy

Burying God

What Happened After God’s Funeral?

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote that we have killed God in his popular piece entitled "The Madman". Have we ever thought what will happen after we have buried the God who is the ultimate creator? This entry is a reflection of Ravi Zacharias' Message: "What Happened After God's … [Read More]

God and You

Happy 2014

Happy New Year God and You Readers!

It's our incoming 5th year now. The best thing about this blog is that I'm able to just use my talents and write to glorify our Lord and Savior. It's an amazing way to be able to serve God and thoroughly enjoy it! You have been such an awesome part of my journey in writing for the Lord! Here are … [Read More]

Love and Relationships

Knight old armor

The Knight in Battered Armor

I wasn't always like this.I remembered when I had my breastplate shined anew, my shield oiled, and my sword finely sharpened. Those were very fine days.Laid with ambition, I was ready to go out to battle imagining the glory and fame of the world outside.I was a fierce romantic.I set … [Read More]

God and the Heart

Stained glass masquerade

Stained Glass Masquerade

There are times when we go to church and we feel like we don't belong. As if that day is just not the right day to attend worship service for you. As if everyone there doesn't carry any baggage in their heart - but you. Here's a song of grace for people like me who sometimes feel this … [Read More]

God and Choice

parable of the prodigal son

The Big Choices in Life

I truly believe that God is in control of everything. Both hurtful and joyful experiences in our lives. Recently, I encountered a conflict with a person very dear to me. This is what I learned...I learned that you can become better thru trials and conflicts.I learned that faith in God and … [Read More]

People who Changed my Mind

Black Leather Shoe

A Story on Getting Kicked While you’re Down

Have you ever had that moment in your life when you felt like an ultimate failure? When everything seems to be going wrong. No. Worse than wrong. Depressing. There's a story about a king who had that moment. He was thrown dust and stones at while he was in exodus of his very own kingdom.King … [Read More]

God and Faith

Poor Widow Tithe

How do you Know when you are Giving Enough?

There was this conversation I had with my fiancee wherein we were talking about knowing how much we should give. Sure, tithing is giving a tenth of your income to God but what about offerings? What about giving to missionaries? To a noble cause? Here's how we concluded to give to others.Giving … [Read More]

God and Reality


Goodbye Single Life

Goodbye to the Single Life

I'll surely miss you, you know? We've had awesome times together you and me. Scuba diving, going out with friends, playing computer games and sports. Never thought it'd be this day.The thing is, I'm quite happy about it.Growing up, I always saw myself as the knight in shining armor type.